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About Us

Dedication and What I Believe

This website is dedicated to the furthering of the Gospel of The Lord Jesus Christ. 

The mission is the narration of Puritan and Reformed Theology throughout the many volumes of material written by the Early Reformers, English Puritans, and Jonathan Edwards.


The Inerrancy of the Bible in its original languages. I use the 1599 Geneva Bible and the King James Bible (1611-1769)

I believe in the Triune Godhead.

I believe in a LITERAL 6 day Creation

I am a Supralapsarian Calvinist

I am Historicist in Eschatology

I am POST Millennial

I am believe the Law (The Ten Commandments) is perpetual. Forever binding to the Jew and also to the Greek; the Jew and the Gentile for those who demand accuracy in every jot and tittle of another's ministry.

I believe the Sabbath is perpetual and binding on the Jew and the Christian. It is the SEVENTH DAY (Friday sundown to Saturday sundown). 

These are my core beliefs. If you have questions or comments (positive OR negative), let's discuss them. Public or private, I don't care which (although public is better for me; it gets things out in the open and maintains the necessary transparency required for public ministry).

Pastor Duane 

Current Events and Recent Narrations

The Wiles of Satan by William Spurstowe has been completed.. 

Volume 1 of the Digital Puritan Quarterlies has been completed.

Volume 2 Book 1 is also finished.

Volume 2 Book 1 deals with parenting matters. I encourage all parents to listen to the material, as it will answer many of your questions about how God has commanded the raising of children.

The next Digital Puritan Book to be narrated is "The Christian Warrior" by Isaac Ambrose

McCheynes Daily Bible Reading is current through April 2. 

I am posting them early for North America. I am trying to have it ready for download in the Far East, Australia and New Zealand for their time zones. 

I also would like to start having conversations with those who are regular downloaders/listeners. Part of the Christian life, is bearing one another's burdens. Since this ministry is free of charge, it makes sense to also fellowship with one another.

We have the Internet. There is no reason why we should not make use of it.

That's all for now.

May the Lord Jesus Christ bless and preserve you all.

Brother Duane 

Authors and Pastors

Here are some of the Puritan authors that have been narrated thus far...

Thomas Adams

Joseph Alleine

William Bates

Richard Baxter

Lewis Bayly

Lewis Berkhof

Samuel Bolton

Thomas Boston

Thomas Brooks

John Bunyan

Jeremiah Burroughs

John Calvin

Thomas Case

Samuel Davies

Jonathan Edwards

John Flavel

John Gill

Ferrell Griswold (from his catalog)

William Gurnall

Matthew Henry

Jake Lawrence

Duane A. Linn

Thomas Manton

Robert Murray McCheyne

W.J. Mencarow

John Owen

A.W. Pink

Winnen Russ

Thomas Shepard

Richard Sibbes

William Spurstowe

Joseph Symonds

Augustus Toplady

Doug Vandermulen

Thomas Watson

James Willson

J.A. Wylie

Approved Merchants

Upcoming Narrations

The Christian Warrior by Isaac Ambrose

The Art of Prophesying by William Perkins

Old Paths by J.C. Ryle

The Doubting Believer by Obadiah Sedgewick

A Lifting Up For The Downcast by William Bridge

Pastor's Thoughts and Musings

I find myself on occasion, learning things about the men of whose works  I am narrating.

I am discovering that I cannot take every little tidbit of another's beliefs and make them my own willy nilly.

I narrate these books as I am reading them for the first time. I don't proofread them.

Perhaps in the future I will start proofreading them for content prior to taking the time and energy to narrate them. There is nothing worse than getting half way through a book and then discovering that there are matters that I cannot agree with.

That is the thought for the day. 

DAL 1-12-2018

About Us

The Ministry

 Puritan Reformed Church of North America, is a combined Church and audio book narration ministry.

I also feature other speakers as a means of redistributing the wealth of the riches of Christ. This is free and the cost is bourne by me.

Our confessional is first, the Holy Scriptures. It is the only inerrant and infinite Logos.

Second, I also adhere to the Belgic Confession along with the Heidelberg Catechism and Canons of Dort.

The mission of the ministry is a simple one. Instead of writing and basically repeating large segments of material that has already been written by much smarter and holier men than me, i instead narrate books and sermons by these Godly Puritan men.

This, keeps me perfectly in line with the Puritans.

I hope that the listner will benefit from the meat of Gospel preaching as much as I am benefiting from reading them.

This ministry is designed for those who are blind and cannot read books, for those who work long hours and cannot take the time for daily meditation in God's Word (like truck drivers),and also for those who have no Reformed churches to attend on the Lord's Day.

It is my solemn prayer, that each and every one of you be blessed and that God may use this pitiful ministry to satisfy hungry souls. 

Daily Bible Reading

I am currently narrating Daily Bread by Robert Murray McCheyne. Please visit the Sermon Audio page to listen to the daily Scripture reading.

This is a FREE Ministry

I do not, nor will I ever, ask for your money.

I do not have the ministry registered with the 501(C)3 and I never will. The Word of God is FREE.

Please feel free to listen at your leisure.


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